Pour-over and Perfect

I spent a slow Sunday with Kelsey and Nate in their beautiful home, while their son took his morning nap. When I photographed their pregnancy announcement lat year, I felt like a wise guru, telling them all of my tricks and tips to make being a parent easier. Truth be told, there is no 'trick', it's hard work and sometimes that work is extremely draining.

The baby gave a full hour of uninterrupted nap time, an hour of purely couple time and it was magical. I put on their first dance song and asked them to just reflect on the past 7 months of parenthood. I watched them embrace each other and truly reflect, all while swaying to the music in their first home. I've come to realize that music is an incredibly powerful tool as a photographer, especially when you play a song that holds as much weight as their first dance song.

After spending some time holding each other, they made a pot of pour over and laughed at how methodical Nate was at preparing coffee.