Wind, Love & Kodak Portra Film.

What an epic evening spent with two people who so clearly enjoy & love each other. Kohler Andrae has always been a spot I’ve wanted to shoot, the rolling dunes, Lake Michigan, sunsets and seagulls. Just a few hours from Madison, quickly becoming a favorite spot. I found out that Ricky had proposed to Elizabeth here I knew it was the right place to tell their story. 

We had discussed shooting their portraits on both digital and film, so I brought along my Medium Format Pentax 645 and a few preloaded rolls of Kodak Portra 160 and Portra 400.

From the moment we started shooting, I felt as if a movie was unfolding right in front of me. I tried my best to have that feeling spill onto these images and to do the emotion of the evening justice. 

Bursts of laughter were followed by intimate embraces, the wind swept the sand around the dunes while they shared hopes and dreams for their future together. They watched the sun slip behind the horizon and reflected on their past relationship, the time they had spent getting to know each other and forming a bond that they will solidify with marriage this year.

Even though I had just met them that evening, I knew that they clearly had a connection that is rare and hard to describe. They compliment each other in almost every way and I’m so glad I was able to witness them in their natural state, which was mainly laughing (I’m talking laughing HARD lol) but also just being present with one another. 

The Images