So You're Engaged!

Hooray! Saying yes is the first step to say I do and the process that follows that first question can be a challenge, hopefully this blog post will help ease some of those tensions.

Before I list out my favorite spots, I want to mention that these are simply suggestions. I encourage my couples to integrate an aspect that is important to them (the proposal spot, where they first met, first home, date night spot, etc), I find that taking images in those meaningful spots lead to images that are worth more than the pretty face value.

1) Kohler Andrae State Park - Sheboygan, WI

Do you want your images to look like they're taken in Florida? Do you love the look of sand dunes and the 'ocean'? Look no further. Roughly a 2 hour drive from Madison, this location is the furthest on my list but it is one of my all time favorites.

Kohler Andrae is truly a magical place, the rolling dunes and Lake Michigan masquerade as a setting that is straight out of the south.

2)Wisconsin State Capital - Madison, WI

A timeless option that highlights the city that you love. The Capital offers so much in such a close location, often I start at the capital and end on state street or a surrounding location. As a bonus, the inside of the capital is great for rainouts!

3) Picnic Point - Madison, WI

Picnic Point is a popular choice for those who want to incorporate the lake into their images. With stretches of beach and trails, the images are often more varied than just a woodsy or beach spot. In addition the, north side of the point faces sunset and allows for some beautiful golden hour portraits.

4) Wisconsin Historical Society - Madison, WI

In the heart of the UW Campus, the Wisconsin Historical Society projects an upscale look on your images with the marble staircases and pillars. In addition to the beautiful interior, the exterior of the building and campus mall are worthy of a few images too.

5) Devils Lake State Park - Baraboo, WI

Devils Lake is one of those spots that is instantly recognizable, whether on the shoreline at the base of the bluffs or atop the cliffs your images will showcase one of Wisconsin's coolest state parks. The hike to the bluffs can be a bit strenuous and careful planning is required in order to get a sunrise or sunset depending on which side of the lake you decide to hike.

6) Gilbralter Rock - Lodi, WI

I call this spot the Mini Devils Lake, as it's a little closer to Madison and the hike to the top is a bit shorter and easier. Although the bluffs are smaller, the views are unreal, overlooking miles of farmland and country roads below a couple hundred foot drop (NOT for those afraid of heights). The bluffs also face west, resulting in some KILLER sunset photos.

Bonus: Inside Your Home

During the seemingly 8 months of dreary cold here in Wisconsin, there's truly no better place than home. Incorporating your home into an engagement session creates images that are truly personal and carry more weight than just a pretty spot.