Film isn't dead, contrary to popular belief. Quite the opposite actually.

Analog photography for me started almost 10 years ago in a high school film class. Well before I knew that I would be shooting weddings and families, I fell in love with the tangible aspect of film, the lack of immediate gratification, the anticipation of seeing what was burned into that negative.

Fast forward to 2020, My wife's grandfather gifted me his old Minolta X-700, a 35mm film SLR camera. I was instantly hooked again, I began relearning the process of shooting film and understanding the nuances that make up this medium. I began shooting my personal life on film, just my wife and the pets at first but after my son was born, so was my obsession with capturing my life on a negative.

After a year or two of mainly shooting film for my personal work, I began integrating film into my professional work.

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